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  • 20120219
     Global announcement:
    i need to connect with you GRAnemoS,
    i dont know i am your bro until now or not,
    connet me with pm, msn, email, qq, pls
    need to know if you are okay or not, i know you are alive but why not you appear ?
    anyone who can connet GRAnemoS or George, pls connect me ,
    QQ: 635919159
    wang is here thanks

    by Wang - Comments: 0 - Views: 11
  • 20110426
     Global announcement:
    sorry to hear
    best wishes

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 17 - Views: 3043
  • 20110307
     Global announcement:
    All players read this
    Dear Players,

    Here by I official leave Silkroad Online, it whas an nice time playing it, but I am dissapointed about some players in the game.

    Some people know me, I whas a player at Golden Age, after my laptop got broke I gave my chars to 2 freinds to play with them, and they will continue a few weeks with them.

    My leaving means that the Guild Punishers is now without an admin, and that the SRO NOVA GIVE AWAY event is over unless someone want to start it, contact me than for the source (PHP based website).

    Message to GRAnemoS, please remove my account,...

    by Mochaa (JaNuZ) - Comments: 0 - Views: 2558
  • 20110224
     Global announcement:
    Please dont send me pms about anything at these days because i am not here for a long time, i got some real life/family problems so please anything you need about blocked/hacked/stolen accounts post in forum and our admins and moderators know what to do with your problem or send details to wang.

    About media file, i uploaded one but has one bug at details on quests, will fix that as soon is possible.
    About best of week screens/videos, we paused that because of 2 reasons, first one is we are working in our new website and forum and the second one is that i dont have time right now...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 1 - Views: 1490
  • 20110118
     Global announcement:
    For only actives
    We got one group named Graphic team, many times we added and deleted members there, so, because we, me and guess all forum members, time to time need some requests we need in this group just active members.
    What we ask from members who want join that group are follows:

    • You have to be at last few minutes online in our forum a day.
    • When one request has been posted, answer on topic if you can make it or not, also if you can make it how much time you need to finish it.
    • If you got a problem to be online for few or more days send me pm.
    • Graphic...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1713
  • 20110114
    At these days we see many got hacked/scammed/stolen, you can called how u want.
    Many of them used or use Butterfly bot but one English version, i said so many times to dont trust this version of bot.
    Also on other websites/Forums where has download link to this bot, they posted already that has many viruses in it.

    Accounts Stolen

    Delete this English version of Butterfly bot from your PC.
    Clean your pc with antivirus/antiloggers etc programs.
    BE SURE that your PC is clean of any shit.
    If it is possible...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 2055
  • 20110111
     Global announcement:
    Post your suggestion
    Here in this topic you can post your suggestion or what you like or dont like to have our website and forum.

    We want everyone use our website and forum, to be easy to find anything he/she want.
    We want to have everything.
    We want to be your home site.

    At the last is your website is your forum, is website/forum for all cSRO players and we do always our best to do everything we need here.

    We all thank you for your support.

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 15 - Views: 4858
  • 20100715
     Global announcement:
    Take a look here and dont spam whole forum.
    First of all read this topic and follow the link.

    If you still have problems
    Try to login on follow link to find your account.

    If you still cant find anything, please use follow form to report your problem.
    Post this form in THIS...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 94 - Views: 9999
  • Topics
  • 20110309

    by GoldiLocks - Comments: 0 - Views: 1579
  • 20110309
    Chinese New Year firecrackers at passing further away, the Spring Festival started from the "kill BOSS grab new weapons "and" Armor Alchemy Game "is about to enter the end of the two activities, Xiao Bian remind you in advance" race gold armor "have adjusted the entry requirements, you only need to add armor rating of 12 to award, by now there is still time, and quickly as the "gold armor race" a victory for Bo Bo it.

    Meanwhile, in order to participate in activities to ensure smooth the majority of players, the majority of players receive event awards, please note the following two...

    by GoldiLocks - Comments: 0 - Views: 909
  • 20110308
    Amelie, women love fashion! Woman Festival, a festival dedicated all women. Kwong Tak Tong today launched a number of holiday promotions of goods, at 14:00 on March 8th, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. on March 11 to, mischievous, dark gold and black wing feathers special Brahma must sell 199.95 yuan; dark woman fashion empire Duke Special section for only 149 yuan;One Piece, selling only 99.9 yuan special holy monster; Halloween set, lamp sold only 84.95 yuan special blessing.2011 on 3 March 7, at 16 : 00 to 2011 on 3 March 8 at 16 : 00 , all chat ( 5 months) special 0.9 million.


    by GoldiLocks - Comments: 0 - Views: 1215
  • 20110212
    All characters below level 95 will be banned from Alexandria area.

    1. After further analysis, some players used Guild Summon scroll to get players below level 95 to Alexandria and farm massive amounts of gold.
    2. To not affect the currency, Guild Summon scrolls will be de-activated until the problem is fixed.
    3. In 2 weeks after this announcement, all characters below level 95 (not including upgraded to 95 but downgraded to below 95 players) within two weeks to leave the map of Alexandria area. If the character has not left the area, the account will be banned forever.

    by GoldiLocks - Comments: 1 - Views: 1449
  • 20110107
    Plays the family generally for the back coupling, on January 7 16:30,
    the Guangde hall purchases 10 set, 11 sets not to extinguish random one
    section to build up the inscription on stone tablet and bronze, then
    attains presents as a gift 3 same cycle of songs against with to refine
    chemically the inscription on stone tablet and bronze, as soon as buys
    delivers three, only this, you may do not miss! The details request an
    audience the Guangde hall gold metallurgy classification.
    The click enters the Guangde hall gold metallurgy...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 2 - Views: 729
  • 20110107
    Plays the family generally for thanks for long to "the Silk road Fable" by the Guangde hall support vigorously, on January 6 17:00~ on January 8 17:00 Guangde hall promotes the pleasantly surprised back coupling activity once more! 11 set of day Ling buys 1 delivers 1, for loves your many Canada attribute opportunity which PK likes fighting. The details request an audience the Guangde hall gold metallurgy classification.

    The click enters the Guangde hall gold metallurgy classification purchase:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 622
  • 20110107
    “the silk road are so many tenderly, makes the innumerable chivalrous people to compete bows”, peerless magical instrument, super Wugong, regardless of which this present existence can start a reactionary reign of terror equally in the silk road, the world person wants to possess oneself of all, when you have the opportunity facing dominates like this sufficiently the rivers and lakes top magical instrument, Wugong rare book time, you meet the heart movement?

    With the lapse of time, "the Silk road Fable"...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1813
  • 20110107
    The time flies, the years like shuttle, past in 2010 the line gradually was being gradually far. In this year, "the Silk road Fable" accompanies everybody has experienced the innumerable wonderful time together, after Egypt colorful, extinguishes war, ten thousand nations the country to arrive at court 3 edition fiery political lines with to play family's your kind effort warm-heartedly surely the precious memory which becomes in...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 741
  • 20101231
    The romantic Christmas night passes quietly, discards the old for the new New Year's Day the festival fiery to approach, fights bravely in silk road's you, whether already to prepare for, has welcomed 2011 the arrival? "the Silk road Fable" official takes along “discards the old for the new brushes BOSS to celebrate the new year” the large-scale subject to brush the BOSS activity to invite your rejoicing alike festival, “plays the day” to go together!

    Takes to bring with the self-defense the sharp weapon, we will embark all round from the cat burglar village...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 877
  • 20101228
    In the near future, after the client side counter-external tracing routine discovered had the part to play the family to use off-line external, the serious influence game is balanced, creates the bad server problem, the world mold science and technology had already used the existing technology platform to trace these illegal profit account number, for "the Silk road Fable" the health existence, will the purification game environment, who official permanent seal stops with to fight the server illegal profit 1200 game account number. (will seal stops in the account number...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 938
  • 20101228
    in 2010 soon crossed the last page, year's end the year's end, while greets new year new look, the official careful preparation “the year's end ultimate welfare sufficient more collars are crisper” lively are also taken to the threshing ground, the sufficient value namely delivers too cloudiness gold weapon and the high-quality elixir, sufficient value's more collars are more! At the appointed time the silk road will just like the prosperous times approaches, all the people wayzgoose! Which best quality goods as soon as has to be possible to exchange, lets us see quickly...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 1 - Views: 754
  • 20101228
    Because plays the family to respond good, the official decision
    increases the number of days which all the people free deliver receive,
    Canada presents as a gift for 28, 29, 303 days, plays the family to be
    possible to receive the bright medicine (5) + 3 hour 30% injury to
    enhance (1) + HPMP100% entire full medicament (10) + 100% reactivating
    reel (2), the opportunity is rare, every day may lead.
    The click receives the big ritual:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 672
  • 20101228

    Dear plays the family friend:

    after the reflection crustification stone-paved road has the use, will
    cause the role to fall the line unpredictable and so on wrong, to
    guarantee that the game movement environment will be stable, the
    official decision bottom carriage reflection crustification stone-paved
    road will have, simultaneously will delete all plays in the family role
    the existing reflection to inlay inlays stones and reflects inlays

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 621
  • 20101228
    In order to reward everybody for one year support, official conducts “the double festival big ritual back coupling user” especially the activity, any user, no matter rank, no matter server, New Year's Day, Christmas holiday period every day may move the page to receive the double experience reel bright medicine and so on big ritual. Daily leads is daily crisp, hoped that this activity for the Christmas day which soon arrived has increased one green winter flavor, let the silk road be more moving.


    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 720
  • 20101217
    in December, 2010 18 00:00 to 08:00 period, because the
    telecommunication operator carries on the network cleft grafting, who
    with fights has the possibility appearance with the blustery server, the
    network interrupts or the detention fill-out situation. Therefore
    brings asks respectfully forgiveness inconveniently.

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 589
  • 20101217
    The archaism has the cloud “the treasured sword to match the hero”, regarding silk road's PK master, a best quality goods weapon and even a body best quality goods equipment is essential. Equipment quality, when PK plays the very important role, wanted to occupy the good superiority in PK, will inevitably have a body good equipment. As soon as a body good equipment must result in makes the excellent works or the marvelous work equipment, Fang Nengrang and so on wins the human in the fight to plan.
    Formerly until now, from the animal skin -> armor...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 792
  • 20101217
    In game's hypothesized world is a complete society, in this society, each
    role has own laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness, the vicissitudes of life, deducts another spatial love to hate the rival in love. Some
    person's place has the rivers and lakes, has game's place to have the gratitude and grudges, similarly is also the rivers and lakes.

    The rivers and lakes matter in the past was in the teahouse storytelling dissemination, now entered the 20th century, except the Internet, but also had the...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1096
  • 20101217
    The gold reward all around curls (set package) the time limit
    preference, the ultra low price only sells 699 spots, only limits on
    December 16 16:00 purchase to enjoy the special price 16:00 to December
    17, the details requests an audience the Guangde hall experience class.

    The click enters the Guangde hall experience to classify the purchase set package:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 685
  • 20101217

    human sees the murder, Buddha keeps off kills Buddha the second to kill
    the pleasant sensation absolutely plays the ultimate objective which
    the families pursue, say nothing of the storm was crisp “must kill”!
    Regardless of list
    P or
    the group extinguish, the full screen biao red digit can give the
    chivalrous people to bring gallops the rivers and lakes refreshed
    experience! The wish feeling microcosm combustion's ultimate pleasant

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1035
  • 20101119

    All deeply loves for the back coupling supports "the Silk road Fable" plays the families, Guangde hall in November 19 to November 21 period the most practical stage prop by most will give the strength the discount back coupling to play the family, on 19th from 12:00 pm to 21 12:00 pm, ability enhancement class stage prop 50% discount, on 21st from 12:00 pm to 22 12:00 pm, returns to reel 5 special price 19 o'clock, the double primes, dual give the strength, you cannot miss!
    The click enters the Guangde hall to purchase the special...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 885
  • 20101119

    Wanderer silk road henceforth no longer lonely, "the Silk road Fable" will play the official with to play the official which YY will collaborate to promote to play YY channel for 8065 today officially to open the door receives a guest, is in sole possession of the high acoustic fidelity pronunciation channel to promote a series of richly colorful YY activity will be eight side guests adds to the fun. Splendid silk road night, one week seven day of unhappiness, in "the Silk road Fable" official YY channel 8065!


    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1778
  • 20101119
    The Guangde hall early winter the softhearted back coupling, all chat the time limit 50% discount special price, 5 all chat only sell 19 o'clock, only limits on November 18 18 o'clock to rush to purchase 18 o'clock to November 19, the details request an audience the Guangde hall frontline propaganda classification! The click enters the Guangde hall frontline propaganda classification purchase[font=宋]: [font='Calibri']

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 926
  • 20101119
    I, did not know that I am pursuing anything.
    I, have roamed about in the silk road, and did not know when is terminus.
    I, already forgot that once was 7080, once vault of heaven, once you. Closes one's eyes, I will remember, these will accompany me the people, finally will stab me personally ......
    I am not the eminent monk, I do not have the nirvana freedom, actually since birth hope, therefore, I ran away. Ten thousand nations arrive at...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1624
  • 20101119

    In "the Silk road Fable" this piece of peach blossom Lian yan, in the white clouds long beautiful unreal world, we cries, to smile, has been moved sadly, ......Is following the silk road, we have passed through the wind and rain course year after year. From “prosperous times Datang” “Dunhuang rock cave”, “expedites “ten thousand nations from Rome” to arrive at court” ......Our testimony it grew the intravenous drip, the silk road by the child grow which limps for the healthy youth, we have also left behind another deep tracks in the silk road world!

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1617
  • 20101108

    The wish begins to have good luck in the early winter, enjoys most gives preferential benefit to, the most cost-effective expense, then you may not miss "the Silk road Fable" the newest round sufficient value return to the integral activity. From November 5 17:00 start, rules the world, the impressive and dignified manner square, the dark green wild heroic feelings, ten thousand nations to arrive at court, the dragon to leap the beacon, the ancient road Loulan six groups of servers to play the family when carries on the sufficient...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1634
  • 20101108
    For can let play the family to accompany the duty well, builds the good game environment, for simultaneously also for plays the family to provide the better server quality and the smooth network environment, "the Silk road Fable" (this Wednesday) 0 will close Egypt colorfully after October 27, 2010, the supreme world, the Tianshan bright moonlight, courtyard tree cool breeze these four groups of servers, will carry on the server data merging work, after Egypt colorful, will merge with the supreme world to group of servers, the Tianshan bright moonlight and the courtyard...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 891
  • 20101023
    After at present server clear, has massively plays the family to be very difficult to start the client side to enter the game. Was because of the telecommunication district backbone core engine room still in the debugging. Also has a part of question to exist. The world mold science's and technology's technical personnel continuously more than 50 hour rests had already not been processing each kind of breakdown in the telecommunication engine room. Please play the family multi-spot patience. We after processing will complete the first time notice telecommunication district...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 842
  • 20101023

    The respect plays the family friend:

    After official technical personnel another evening's all night struggle, the telecommunication district network's related question already one after another removed at present. At present possessed the server already to clear, but the partial networks also have some serious issues, we were continuing to grasp to carry on further debug, strive for as far as possible quick restoration telecommunication district the normal operation service. Here, the official to delays plays family's these many time to express deeply...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 707
  • 20101023

    According to the telecommunication engine room technician back coupling's information found that the telecommunication engine room new installment's equipment had already completed half, then the partial servers already debugged finish, after treating is left over the equipment setup which finish, starts the server linked network, but is stable for the server environment, the official technical personnel need to carry on a series of tests to the server movement environment, therefore operates the clothing also to need to wait for that period...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 779
  • 20101023
    Warm-blooded! The Datang race classics double repair the PK splendid video frequency

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 994
  • 20101023
    “take has the comet coverall as the honor”, I believed that this conforms to the large number “the silk road” to play family's values certainly absolutely, has looked at singularly varied or the net tours the novel the friends possibly to know, in the majority of novels has one kind of named magical instrument's east east to be possible to let the qualifications and records of service average lead instantaneous from a foot male evolution is the salvation hero, but the magical instrument characteristic has two: “rare” and “force”, obviously, the comet coverall meets these...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 800
  • 20101023
    Arabian Nights, comprehensive, millennium romantic fable not certainly, but "Silk road Fable" ancient times 1001 night of fable belts to modern age, extension original works mysticalness and moving. Welcome to play the family to watch CQ the newest fashionable clothing god lamp's gracious gift MV video frequency, leads you to enter the mystical Arab world to compose belongs to your illusion risk legend!

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 2575
  • 20100930
    11National Days soon arrive, facing seven day of long vacation and theoutdoors turbulent crowd, why not to come "the Silk road Fable",participates in the splendid National Day activity. "the Silk roadFable" soon in September 29, 2010 to October 7,opens the splendid National Day activity. Four big activities splendidunceasingly, the commercial city on seventh the booklet, the experiencestorm rate turns time, to take “the wealth” to be correct runs businessand so on, plays the family to participate in the richly colorfulNational Day activity, celebrates joyfully the National...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 4 - Views: 1015
  • 20100930
    Inorder to let play the family to enjoy the silk road pleasure smoothlyheartily in the National Day gold week, "the Silk road Fable" theGuangde hall homepage commercial city promotes grandly National Dayhappily buys the activity, as soon as links 7 days to fold folds, the special price commodity has everything expected to find!

    The click examines the details:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 803
  • 20100930

    for plays the family to bring the stabler network environment generally, on September 27 the netpasses the engine room relocation to Beijing best net line of flux bulldozer room “the century interconnection”, because the centuryinterconnects the engine room is fuses the Chinese telecommunication,China Unicom (net to pass), China to move (iron to pass), educates thenet is a body's engine room, the use third party tool examines the netto pass the new engine room line to pass the line for the iron andinaccurate, plays the family please not to believe that generally...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1191
  • 20100930
    Easthas Chinese ancient capital Chang An, west to the Mediterranean Seaancient Rome, continued East and West the civilized exchange thebridge, in the history famous “the Silk Road” promoted the thingeconomic civilization wide-ranging exchange, more world has created theinexhaustible wealth. National Day the festival soon arrives, "Silkroad Fable", in this gold vacation to play the family to open in SilkRoad's three generally specially to run business route: The Chang An - Dunhuang - Hetian, a route farther reward are more, plays dream of satisfiedly the family rich Jia...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 928
  • 20100930
    QinWang presses the treasured sword, Nuzhen the prestige god; Patrols thesea to be right day after day, drives Shi Jiacang the Tianjin. Strivesfor hegemony the martial arts world, must benefit its front first,since has the world power Qin Wangdu has her sharp weapon, in themartial arts world the human cannot not a treasure, not only ChairmanMao said the bright sword spirit to dare the bright sword, is good atthe bright sword gaining the victory more importantly!

    Onthis occasion "the Silk road Fable" in the China's sixth National Day,the serviceman who each...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 921
  • 20100929
    “theconsummation opposition professional system and the professional war”,are precisely "the Silk road Fable" the essence is at! Nearly all playsthe families in the game to have the experience which dart business,the thief fight, but the sole Datang race server sublimated this fightto an altitude - - dart business, the thief fights for each one alreadycontinued 3 months, each fight both sides gathered hundred person of above regiments at least.

    Forcan let play the family to experience the feeling which this areaprofessional wartime one's blood bubbles up...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 970
  • 20100927

    Approachesthe National Day, what recent news has to be able compared to operatethe telecommunication new Datang clothing to give the strength? Inorder to let play the family to experience the Datang clothing'spleasure, the telecommunication sole Datang race new clothing “thedragon will leap the beacon” Sunday morning 10:00 to shock the clothing in September 26, 2010,simultaneously to play the family friend in a new clothing betterdevelopment, will present over a thousand Yuan luxurious gift parcel, 10 set of dark gold jewelry weapons for the new clothing to deliver...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1133
  • 20100927
    Respects the silk road to play the family:

    on September 27, 2010 in the morning 8:00 to evening 20:00, because the net passes the district engine room relocation, the net passes district all servers to stop the clothing 12 hours,the telecommunication district server is not affected, thetelecommunication area plays the family to be possible to enter thetelecommunication district game normally. If has the contingency in theengine room relocation process, will open the clothing time topostpone. The time will be separate in the official net notice.

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 740
  • 20100927
    Marinelives the bright moonlight, the horizon altogether this time. TheMid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, has been busy with in outside worksis tired out by rushing about plays the families to arrive at the timewhich misses homeland. Thinks on festival time kisses, such day, suchmood, the general meeting brings some rare feelings.

    TheMid-Autumn Festival happy ending, the splendid activity goes forth tobattle together! In order to let everybody enjoy in this holiday to therichly colorful activity, on September 22nd - on September 27,the double experience,...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1138
  • 20100927

    "the Silk road Fable" the update “ten thousand nations arrive at court” in September toshock male measured! The update “ten thousand nations arrive at court”four big content 20 sets of new fashionable clothing, for plays thefamily by the most magnificent posture to bring the unprecedentedseeing and hearing grand feast. In addition, “ten thousand...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1671
  • 20100927

    The blue sky like washes, full moon like plate. Plays the family each sufficient value 200 spots to be possible to obtain 5 integrals, 600.15 integrals between 2010-9-25 14:00 - 2010-9-27 8:00,
    the use integral may the free exchange corresponding reward like new
    fashionable clothing, inlay inlays stones and so on, the integral are
    more, can receive in exchange the prize is better.

    Integral reward exchange address:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1508
  • 20100927
    Handeddown our country ancient times, the king has spring the gala, theautumn to offer a sacrifice to the month the rituals of state. In folk,on August Mid-Autumn Festival, also about has pays respects to the moonor offers a sacrifice to the month the custom. “ten May circles, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake fragrant is also in August sweet”,this famous proverb says Mid-Autumn Festival the night of city andcountryside people to eat the moon cake the custom. The moon cake is atfirst uses for the sacrifice to present the Queen of night thesacrificial offering, afterward...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1596
  • 20100820

    Stands in front of group of bandits and thieves, you will have one kind to place oneself the dream feeling.

    This operates 30CM take the bandits and thieves as the prototype hand to be high, as if is similar to general which walks from the silk road.
    Although is made by the resin material, but the fine vulture fine-pointed finish's...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1631
  • 20100818
    The human sees the murder, Buddha keeps off kills Buddha the second to kill the pleasant sensation absolutely plays the ultimate objective which the families pursue, say nothing of the storm was crisp “must kill”! Regardless of list P or the group extinguish, the full screen biao red digit can give the chivalrous people to bring gallops the rivers and lakes refreshed experience! The wish feeling microcosm combustion's ultimate pleasant sensation, the wish stimulates your latent “the ultra ability”,...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1196
  • 20100818

    Name: Anne server: Strolling in the snow

    Role name: Demon girl

    Height: 168CM age: 22 constellations: Market capitalization

    Hobby: The dance sings the piano net to...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 809
  • 20100818
    Since continuously, the cowherd boy and female weaver's story, has been
    following star-studded sky, takes to us the happy recollection. Seven evenings as promised, this year to, that life the deep affection, affectionately with Mr. the language. Ancient cloud: “two sentiments,
    if is long-time time, also how can it be that in mornings and evenings!”, but in seven evenings, "the Silk road Fable" all men and women should not miss again.

    How, hadn't you thought how good should arrange you and MM romantic one day? As the saying goes the fresh...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 1022
  • 20100818
    This week will integrate “the hawk to fly in circles the expansive sky, the kingly way mountain peak” two group of server Datang role to enter the dark green wild heroic feelings, the dark green wild heroic feelings server (this Wednesday) 9:00 engine off maintenance will carry on the server data merging work on August 18. Estimates the clothing...

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 883
  • 20100807
    In order to give the general silk road fable to play the family to provide the convenience, causes to play the family to be more thorough, the faster understanding game, "the Silk road Fable" the official net new material stands in the today grand political line, the acme of perfection plays the family for general "the Silk road Fable" to serve!

    Brand-new material station address:

    by GRAnemoS - Comments: 0 - Views: 850

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