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New quests (No Alexandrias area)

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New quests (No Alexandrias area)

Post by GRAnemoS on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:30 pm

After new update New quests has been added in plus with others in NPCs of Hotan.

Ultra Blood Devil's Crystal Gem
For the Peace of the Grassland Road
Healthy Invigorant
Special Wound Remedy
The Troublemaker of Tarim Ferry
Nerve-wrecking First Match (1)
Improving Your Defense
The Demonic Flower
Ensuring Pedestrian Safety
Noise Pollution
The Captivating Red Mane
The Special Vein
The Revitalizing Poison Sting
The Powerful Looking Accessory
Hunting the Giant Creature
The Threat to Warriors
The Curious Artisan
Materials for the Cold Accessory
Subjugating the Frenzied Creature
Rumor of the Giant Spider
The Protector of Karakoram
The Frightening Ice Spirit
The Accursed Morning Alarm
The Mana Crystal of Ice Magic
Turtle Invigorant
Very Useful Cooking Ingredient
The Endless Winter Nightmare
Nerve-wrecking First Match (2)
Exterminating the Spiders
The Ceaseless Terror
The Berserk Giants
Subjugating the God of Evil
Going Broke
The Threat in the Desert
The Blacksmith's Pride
Replenishing Arrowheads
Purifying the Energy of Earth
The Secret of the Resurrection
The Water Drop of Magic
The Rumor of Niya Shaman
Collecting 70 Devil Flower Crystals
Hunting 300 Bunwangs
Collecting 30 Stuffed Legs
Collecting 70 Spider Shells
Hunting 300 Maongs
Hunting 300 Small Bunwangs
Collecting 150 Monkey leathers
Hunting 300 Ultra Blood Devils
Hunting 300 Mujigis
Hunting 300 Ujigis
Collecting 250 Red Manes
Collecting 70 Special Veins
Collecting 30 Sharp needles
Collecting 30 Ujigi tooths
Hunting 300 Big Blue Spiders
Hunting 300 Penon Fighters
Collecting 150 Broken Shield Pieces
Collecting 150 Broken Ice Pieces
Hunting 300 Planars
Hunting 300 Big White Spiders
Hunting 300 Penon Warriors
Hunting 300 Sonars
Collecting 250 Disagreeable vocalcords
Collecting 30 Sonar's Magic globes
Collecting 150 Big Blue Spider Eggs
Collecting 70 Big White Spider Legs
Hunting 300 Ishades
Hunting 300 Hashades
Hunting 300 Blue Spiders
Hunting 300 White Spiders
Hunting 300 Yetis
Hunting 300 Evil-Yetis
Hunting 300 Niya Soldiers
Hunting 300 Niya Guards
Collecting 30 Fine bows
Collecting 150 Fine arrow tips
Hunting 300 Niya Mages
Collecting 70 Pieces of Curse
Collecting 30 Water Drops of Magic
Hunting 300 Niya Shamans


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Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

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