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To the new players on cSRO

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To the new players on cSRO Empty To the new players on cSRO

Post by GRAnemoS on Wed May 12, 2010 11:03 pm

We are here on cSRO for about 4 years and we can say that here is our SRO Home, we dont like anymore iSRO and we dont let this version of SRO.
We also don't want to make this version of SRO like iSRO, i believe many players here thinking the same as me.
Here GMs are actives, not like iSRO, here if someone has stolen item in his account he can get his account blocked till he report this block to give back the stolen item, Gms don't care if he bought that stolen item or not, they can see if he bought it but they want this item back to the owner.
Till now we had few accounts blocked reported in our forum, you can check it out how we work and helps anyone report here about accounts blocked on the follow link.

We want to say to everyone here is new in cSRO or he want to play on cSRO, please don't try to make it like iSRO because you can't, we don't let anyone botting with free or not bot till 70lvl, we don't say anything to botting from 70+lvl, but CIMO don't allow at all to botting. We know is hard to lvl up on high lvls, CIMO knows that too, because that they makes many events and add new programs for helps players to lvl up faster, they makes many events with double XP, they added sroFlagShip as program to help players get more XP and SP, they sell on their webshop many things like tickets in good prices, also many times they have offers with items in better prices. They also sell Skill points in their Red Diamond Shop, you can pay by gold in game. From lvl 90+ EXP to lvl up are half than iSRO, also you need less SP for your skills than iSRO. Plvl is not the same like iSRO, no 11 lvl cap on monsters, you can go Karakoram lvl1 char and gain XP and SP as well.

Lets we say at the last what we want in game and what we don't want.

  1. If you are a scammer or hacker dont join this SRO, go back to iSRO.
  2. If you don't want to play but just to botting, go back to iSRO.
  3. If you like to play in one clean version of SRO, here is your place.
  4. If you try to make us angry, go back on iSRO before we ban you.
  5. Don't try to steal anyone in game, be sure that we will get back everything.
  6. Be nice with Chinese players, we are in their home, so don't make them angry.
  7. Don't ask for plvl in your guild/Union, if someone make plvl be sure he/she will announce you on chat.
  8. If someone talk to you )()$#_($#_(% take a screen, Chinese or not.
  9. If someone try to scam you, take a screen.
  10. If you want to buy/sell something in game and you don't know how to do, ask old players, or our Chinese helpers in forum.
I wait here in this topic your answer to all these, or maybe i forgot something to add.

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Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

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To the new players on cSRO Empty Re: To the new players on cSRO

Post by Rage on Thu May 13, 2010 2:42 am

you are so right,
you know Ocean is the filthiest server out there.

i have some screenshots of international players talking about chinese guys and acting like total assholes.

"we are here now, chinese must learn English so stop with that Ni Hao crap noob", that's a quote of a player there.

seriously, it's time that all players register here, as most of them just get on c-sro thanks to some friends.

most of those assholes are 10 years old kids that think they rule the world, so called keyboard heros, all big mouths and all being wiseguys.

you know what, i use keypressers myself so i don't mind the botters, but i do mind the m''bot users with 6-7 multiclients (yes there are more guys like that especially on Ocean).
i do have respect for the m''bot creator though as he doesnt allow multiclient but theres abusers everywhere.

anyways, i don't know what to say as you said most of it, csro had its best days 2-3 years ago, now it's just starting to get like Isro, all botting our ways up.
not that theres something wrong with that, but when people have the choice to play in group grinding the crap out of themselfs or just press start bot, they will choose the last option.

i don't know, i don't care either, but i'm done with putting my effort in a community like this.

this is all just some blablabla but people forget that you are one of the guys that made this all possible and they forget even harder that Csro is a place that is different than isro or rsro.

To the new players on cSRO 2iw8xhl
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