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About cSRO Protectors

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About cSRO Protectors

Post by GRAnemoS on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:18 am

As you all know we created one subdomain named cSRO Protectors and there you can report any illegal action in game.
We try our best to clean servers of players witch belongs to iSRO and not here, as we all don't wanna become as iSRO take care of it.

Till now i saw many are uploading screens about anything they think is illegal or is a reason for bun, but we have some problems to helps them, follow you can find what we means with that.

What is reason for block account:

  1. Use a bot under 70lvl
  2. Insulting other players
  3. Insulting other players nations, religions.
  4. Scams, hacks, stealings.
  5. Showing your char as GM
What is not a reason for block account:

  1. Type in party match that you use a bot.
  2. Asking someone if he use a bot.
  3. Asking you for gold.
  4. Killing other players (Murder status).
  5. Someone exchange you in continue.
What we need from you when upload an image:

  • Details about what happen in image.
  • If you want to report Chinese player, you must have installed Chinese language pack in your PC, we can't understand the Chinese name if you don't have it, even GMs.
  • We need a good prove about anything you want report.
  • Don't report same thing or same person as someone else did it before you, only if you have more details than the guy who was reported already, or new illegal action.
  • It is better to send me via pm in forum the link of the image you uploaded and your e-mail if we need to contact you.
We already try our best to clean all servers and we need your help for this.
CIMO official knows our website and cSRO Protector subdomain already, they are checking out your images, but as i said before without Chinese language pack in your PC they can't help us.


Dont mess with me im Main Admin!
Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

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