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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Master_Mind on Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:23 am

#1. Be nice to each other
#2. No excessive flaming
#3. No spamming
#4. Do not RE-distrubitiate anything you find on this site!
#5. Respect the MOD crew and other members
#6. Got a problem with a user here? PM the Mods about it!
#7. Do not post links to RED site wich may contain keyloggers etc..
#8. Do not use excessive language.
#9. We restrict the following:
* Promotion, distribution, or support of botting, hacking, or the use of other 3rd party programs.
* Hack programs, no-cd's, keygens or bots for any games.
* Do not post addons, or macros for the semibot.
* Don't make a new post asking if you'll get banned use the semibot at your own risk!
* We will not allow any other form of bot other than the semibot.
* If a post is made anything like above you will recieve:
1st Offense: 3 day ban
2nd Offense: 10 day ban
3rd Offense: Permanent ban
* Posting another persons personal information for any reason.
#10. Feel free to PM a Mod if you got trouble etc.

#11. Enjoy your stay!

Greetz from the MOD Team

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