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ANNO 1777 ; The online game that pays you!

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ANNO 1777 ; The online game that pays you!

Post by amatojunior on Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:39 am

ANNO1777 ; The online game that pays you

Today I propose a very special site, which recently opened its services in many countries.and different people play it: boys, girls, students, housewives and pensioners.
This is Anno 1777, a browser game that differs from the others for some of its specific functions and the registration is free
The goal is to grow their own virtual character and the city, increasing our resources in different ways to earn real money.
Obviously, the gains will not be very high initially and it will take some time before you can grab some small sum then, depending on the investment and the skill of the player, and may increase production figures ranging from 10 to 100 per week devoted to Simply play your free time. This will gradually bring extra revenue of 400-500 per month without any effort, just by using your strategy skills and managerial and if you are smart you will get more and more. Users of other nations in the world who play longer, and thus have developed a virtual character, can reach very high figures of our 20-30 per day or about 800 to 1000 per month.

Below I post a guide on how to get started, but the first thing you need to:

1 - go to
2 - click OPEN ACCOUNT and fill well to all fields
3 - Referrer Code amatojunior or you'll be assigned to write a guide to which daughters of you cares a bat!


This guide will be a lot faster on some features of the game that is also labor demanding and revenue opportunities are manifold because in essence the economy works like the real world.
If you are capable people in real life will be too in the game.
Anno1777 is a browser game where you can exchange the virtual currency into real money.
You can be a politician, a soldier or a contractor.
The game will seem complicated at first but the truth is not at all.

The main parameter of the game, and the Wellness (health) the higher the more you earn from daily bonuses, the fighting, when performing the work.

The increases WELLNESS:
- buying (in the menu Goods) foods such as sandwiches (5%) or better the wine (25%).
- Clothes that will last up to 1 month depending on the quality (I recommend the 5-star)
- reading newspapers
- buying a home, even if at first you can only rent it

Decreases the WELLNESS:
- when you fight
- when it works
- when you travel

Food and much more have a cost in virtual currency ITL,for exemple,is the Italian currency that are not real money. Because we must differentiate what can bring a little 'of confusion, the ITL is a virtual currency of the game, Gold is also a virtual currency, but much more important as they can be exchanged for our Euro.
To date (June-July 2011) the conversion rate is
GOLD 1 USD = 25


To start making money now, I advise you to complete your profile because it will give you a bonus (in virtual money)after doing this the various redeemed daily Bonus (Bonuses menu) and start doing the daily work (menus Jobs Market).
When you start a job there a countdown of the 8 hours, during those hours you can just close the computer or do other things, the countdown will continue to run without you're compelled to keep playing the video.
By the time you started work you can study a little about the various menus to try to better understand the various functions.
There will be a bonus state 100 USD for 5 days of work so I recommend every 24 hours, remember to enter in your account and eat to be high and then work wellness.


At first you should play passively for some content to make:
- the work that you find in JOB MARKET (last 8 hours)
- fight against other users who are in FIGHT (fight lasts 20 minutes each)
There are also other ways to boost your character, but these functions gradually discover the only playing because it would be impossible to describe everything.


In addition to work and fight metoto p fast to earn substantial amounts of money is to open his own company, you can do this quickly by investing real money (via credit card) or you can do it by reinvesting the money in the game you have gained from the game itself. The cost of a business varies from 2 to 10 euros for newspapers for companies of raw materials, manufacturers of food, wine, machinery, textiles, transport and homes.
The operation of a company are very simple, after opening have to buy a machine to produce (in the good-> machines) for your company at a cost of 100 USD. You will have to buy the work (in the administration-work), deciding the salary and, if necessary raw materials. Each region has the resources so if you want to produce raw materials go in region-> resources to control the situation.
In the company can sell the shares to other people and share the profits. Of course, with activity will earn a lot but you should first make a good deal of experience of the game.


So this is just a base to start play the game,I allready started not by a lot of successful applications but are a little to understand almost everything and now I am convinced that if we did other people with a good group, we can do graet things ... so I wait for you in the game where,after registered,you can contact me by private message only just to ask me waht you want to know specifically.

I hope to see you soon
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