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bSro - Silkroad Private Server / 7/24 Ultra Dedicated

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bSro - Silkroad Private Server / 7/24 Ultra Dedicated

Post by shadow20 on Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:09 pm

b-Sro - Silkroad Private Server - OPENED


Server Features | Server Features

  • CPU: 2 Intel Quad Xeon 5550 16 Core
  • Ram: 64 GB DDR3 Memory
  • HDD: 2x600 GB SAS Disk
  • Line: 1Gbit Port
  • Location: Turkey
  • Lag and Loss 0

Server Features | Rates

  • Exp Rate : x50
  • P.Exp Rate: x55
  • Gold Rate : x25
  • Drop Rate : x25
  • Berserk : x2

Server Features | Game Features

  • Server Slot: 1000
  • Level Cap: 110
  • Skill Cap: 110
  • Exp & Sp Rate: 50x
  • Party Exp Rate: 55x
  • Drop & Gold Rate: 20x
  • SoX Drop Rate: 2x
  • Fortress War: Every Saturday 20:00

  • Auto Potion: Active
  • Magic Pop: Active
  • Arena: Active
  • Events: Lots of wait for you.

  • Silk: Aktif
  • All of Uniqs are active, also titans appeared at 10:00 and 22:00 twice a day.

  • All Maps Open

Event System

With a lot of expert silkroad players our event system is perfect. Are you tired the unfair and totaly waste the time events?. Let's try to the our enjoyable silkroad server.

Former of Silkroad players know better Trade / Job is a pleasure. So we increase the your trade revenue x20.Thus, both of you earn gold and enjoy the pvps on active silk road. Only it is not so. A lot of events in our plan like Job Wars.

In addition, the time spent during the game extra drop events and item mall discounts are waiting you.

Server Status

Our technical accouterments are open the development so when our players are increase we can increase the server slot. In our plans, increase the server capacity to 2000 players.

In addition, one of D12 server is waiting for you in later time. D12 server preparations will start as soon as and present to you with 0 bug. Of course, who was with us our first server and played to the our D12 server players can gain some promotions.

Lag Status

When we start the build this server our only mission is 0 bug and 0 lag. We do this after the one months working. Our Sas HDDs, 32 GB RAM, 8 core cpu and 1Gbit line is on your service.

International Platform

Our website is currently being developed as a script already. But we do not want to hang on you to more so we launch server. In full swing construction of the portal is ongoing, also we think to made multi-language support for you. In our system same GM's can speak English and they can help you in the game and forums.

Why you choose us?

1. We created a seamless game. 0 Lag, 0 Bug.
2. %100 Security. Special firewall ve excellent optimization. This way, your accounts are safe.
3. Better quality service for players with our Professional team.
4. More enjoyable and colorful game with our next updates.
5. Silk prices discount of 50% compared to ISRO.
6. NO VIP account!!!
7. Perfect events with the our professional team who knows the essential of game.
8. Are you looking for quality and long-term server, you are at right place.

Main Page

NOTE: If you want to play to less problem we recommend downloading the full client.

Full Client (1.12GB)[/SIZE]
Media.pk2: (195mb):

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