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Divine SRO 120lvl Pserver

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Divine SRO 120lvl Pserver

Post by Master_Mind on Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:33 pm

Hi everyone! Yep this is ANOTHER thread about another private server!
This one is a simple server with simple rules and a big GM community to provide you with many events and good overall gameplay!

Our current stats are:
Individual Exp. Gain Ratio: 150x
Party Exp. Gain Ratio: 180x
Item Drop Ratio: 30x
Gold Drop Amount Factor: 30x

Our homepage is: (A link to silkroadforums can be found on under News & Advertising on our website.)

Our Forums:

REGISTRATION: ... lpanel.php

Our sever works with [We don\'t allow bot discussions here!].
You can run 3 Characters Max at a time.

Here is the team:
Greg aka Adria

We are also open to new GM applicants which will follow a 20 day training program, and must be 18 years of age or older.

Our Teamspeak Infomation is: IP:

We currently do not have a password set on the teamspeak. But if the teamspeak is abused we will set a password. Please be courtesy to everyone in teamspeak. If you have any problem, get with any of the divineSRO team on teamspeak.

We are taking suggestions for events or anyway to improve our server.

Thanks and Welcome to DivineSro!!

We are not running this server to make money. As all I care about is that there a good community server and the server gets enough donations to pay for the box each month.

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Angelelica of S_P_Q_R
9x chinese nuker pure int

Thanks to Adaox for the sig

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