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OldSchool Cap 80 Server - lowrate

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OldSchool Cap 80 Server - lowrate

Post by nikluetke on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:55 am

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to start a new little project with my oldschool silkroad server, because I couldn't find any REAL oldschool server out there. The server should be stable and playable, though I'd call it a betaphase.
Wouldn't it be nice to see some people around who are also in favor of the old feeling of Silkroad?

Here are some information about the server.

Server Information:
Server Status:

Homepage: OldSchool Cap 80 Srv
Register: Registration for Oldschool
Download: Downloads for OldSchool

Cap: 80
Based on old files
EXP/SP Rates: 10x
Droprate: 10x
Alchemyrate: 1x
Jobrate: 1x
Start Level 1
500k SP

Stackability: (might be changed later)
Elexiers: 20
Tablets: 20
Stones: 1
Potions: 50
Arrows: 250


More screenshots can be found here:


A last additional info:
People who just want unlimited silks/gold/sp/alchemy/etc, you are wrong here, dont waste your time.

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