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Sensation Cap 90►Chinese Only►Silk/Hour►Old School►Daily EVENTS►Custom Glows

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Sensation Cap 90►Chinese Only►Silk/Hour►Old School►Daily EVENTS►Custom Glows

Post by tzaca1 on Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:49 am

SensationSRO changed to Cap90 for all people that wanna have some good times and miss the old meaning of SILKROAD. So I made this low rate server for those who wanna enjoy a balanced server with only chinese classes. Lets leave behind europe chars which are over powered and ruin the fun of any server.
Server will be opened in 2 days.

Facebook Page:

General Informations
Experience : 25x
Skill points : 25x
Gold drop rate : 10x
Item drop rate : 5x
Trade rate : 15x
Alchemy rate : 1x [Max plus+10 after that will fail 100%]
Custom seal effect.
Botting allowed
Server IP limit : 3 accounts per IP.
No lagg.
Silk per hour 3silk/hour
Item stack : 10k each [Elixirs / Hp / Mp / Arrows / Vigors / Pills]
Academy enabled and balanced because of the IP limitation.

Starter Pack - All items from starting pack will be blocked for exchange.
15x Reversion Scrolls
15x Ressurection Scrolls
20x Speed 100% Scrolls
1x 3days Pickup Pet
1000 HP / MP
200000 Skill points.
2000000 Gold
10x Zerk Pots

Until server its done join our forum where you can find more info about server progress and updates.
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