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Academy Empty Academy

Post by GRAnemoS on Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:05 am


Academy members

An academy can contain a maximum of 8 members and the main member categories are:

  • Guardian
    A 60 level player who created the academy
  • Guardian assistants
    Players between 40-59 level. Maximum: 2 players
  • Apprentices
    Players between 1-39 level. Maximum: 5 players[/size]

For the apprentices and the guardian assistants there are also some subclasses based on their levels:

  • 1-10: Junior apprentices
  • 11-20: Apprentices
  • 21-30: Intermediate apprentices
  • 31-39: Senior apprentices
  • 40-49: Junior guardians
  • 50-59: Intermediate guardians

How to make an academy

You must be at least level 60 in order to be able to start an academy
and you are not allowed to have more than 1 academies at the same time.

To start an academy you will need to talk to a storage NPC and choose
the "Academy Establishment" option. Then you will be asked to pay
100,000 gold for the establishment.

Here are all the available NPCs:

  • DONWHANG: Irina / Paedo
  • HOTAN: Auisan
  • JANGAN: Sansan / Wangu

How to join an academy
Academy Exclamtion_mark
Players that are lower than level 40 and do not belong to an academy,
will see an exclamation mark (!) at the right side of their screen. By
pressing it, the guardian matching window will appear. Another way to
access the guardian matching window is to open the academy window
(pressing L, by default) and press the "Matching" button.

In the guardian matching window, you can see the academies that
currently search for members. If you are level 39 or lower, you have to
find an academy that searches for apprentices. If you are 40 or higher,
you have to find an academy that searches for guardian assistants.

The exclamation will remain on the screen as long as you do not belong
to an academy and you are lower that level 40 and it will disappear
once you reach level 40 or join an academy.

How to add people to your academy
Only the guardian can invite/recruit members to the academy. At the
academy window (by default is accessible by pressing the L key) there
are 2 buttons: Invite and Matching.

By pressing the "Matching" button, the guardian matching window will
appear. If you wish to search for members for your academy, press the
"Registration" button. A window will then appear and you will be asked
for the type of members (Apprentices / Guardian assistants) you need
and also for a title that will be shown at the guardian matching window.

When a player is interested to join your academy, his request will be
sent to you and you can decide if you want to add him or not.

Academy Academy_join_request_sent

Cumulated / Accumulated buffs

Academy Cumulated_buffCumulated buff
Academy Accumulated_buffAccumulated buff

When you are an appentice, a cumulated buff appears as you start
hunting. When you place your mouse over this buff, you will see the
remaining time until expiration and the cumulated points that are
collected so far. As you hunt monsters, more points are added to the
cumulated buff and the amount of these points depends on the experience
points you get by hunting.

After 1 hour has passed since the cumulated buff started, you can
transfer its points. The academy guardian must be logged in for the
transfer to take place. To transfer the points, you just have to
left-click on the cumulated buff icon.

Academy Transfer_cumulated

If 24 hours have passed and you haven't transfer the points, no more
points will be added to the cumulated buff. So, it's recommended to
transfer the points any time you can and do not wait for more points to
be added, because if the buff is about to expire and the guardian is
not online, it's a pity to lose points and time for no reason.

After the transfer, an accumulated buff will appear. This accumulated
buff will contain the 80% of the points you transfered by clicking on
the cumulated buff. The other 20% is transfered to the guardian and an
accumulted buff appeared to him, too.

Academy Accumulated_received

The guardian can receive accumulated points by more than one members
simultaneously; his accumulated buff will contain the total points he
gains by the transfers.

While a player with an accumulated buff hunts monsters, the points in
the accumulated buff are decreased and he gains experience bonus: for
every monster he hunts, the accumulated buff is decreased by 10 points
and he gains 10% more XP per kill.

The accumulated buff disappears when there are no points left or if 24 hours have past since the transfer was happened.

Cumulated and accumulated buffs can be used together; every time you
transfer the cumulated points and get an accumulated buff, a new
cumulated buff will also appear.

Academy chatting window

Academy Academy_chatting_window

Once you join/create an academy, you can chat with the other academy
members through the academy chatting window. By default, it is placed
at the left side of your screen but you can move it anywhere you like.

The academy chatting window is seperated to 3 parts. In the first one,
you can see the academy members that are currently online. In the
second part, you can see the messages that are sent after you logged in
and in the third part, you can write your own message.

At the top left of the window, you can see the Academy Academy_chatting_window_button button, which hides/shows the names of the online members.

At the top right of the window, you can see the Academy Academy_slide
slide, which changes the window's transparency. Drag the slide to the
left to increase the transparency or to the right to decrease it.

If you want to change the size of the window, just click and drag its bottom left corner.

When an apprentice reaches level 40, the "Leave" button next to his
name in the academy window is turned into a "Graduate" button and the
player is ready to graduate after pressing it. The same happens when a
guardian assistant reaches level 60.

Apprentice's graduations are counted to the graduations of the academy
that are listed on guardian matching window or in honor rank, but
guardian assistant's graduations do not.

At the time of the apprentice's graduation, the apprentice will be
asked to evaluate the guardian. If the evaluation is canceled or the
window is closed, the "Satisfied" option will be counted as the answer.

Academy Guardian_evaluation

After his graduation, the graduated apprentice will receive 2,000,000
XP (it's about the 50% of level 40) and he will no longer belong to the
academy. Due to this fact, the cumulated and accumulated buffs he may
have, will disappear.

If an apprentice reaches level 41 and he has not graduated yet, a
"Graduate" button is activated in the guardian's academy window and the
guardian can force this player's graduation. In this case, guardian and
guardian assistants will receive their awards but the apprentice will

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Academy Empty Re: Academy

Post by GRAnemoS on Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:11 am

Honor points

Academy Honor_points

Guardian and guardian assistants gain honor points by the apprentices'
graduations; a guardian assistant receives the 10% of guardian's honor
points per graduation. Honor points are used by guardians for buying
honor items from storage NPCs.

The amount of the honor points that will be gained by the guardian is
based on the level the apprentice was, when he entered the academy:

  • For players that joined the academy
    before level 30, the amount of honor points is the difference between
    the starting and graduating level.
  • For players that joined the academy after level 30, no honor points will be gained.

So, if a player joined the academy on
level 10 and graduated on level 40, the guardian will gain 30 honor
points and the guardian assistants will gain 3 honor points. But if a
player joined on level 35 and graduated on level 40, neither the
guardian nor the guardian assistants will gain any points.

As long as you belong to an academy, you can see the honor points you
have collected at the character window (press C, by default).

Honor grade / Honor rank / Honor buffs

By the time of his graduation, an apprentice is asked to evaluate the guardian. By this way the guardian gain evaluation points.

Honor rank is based on the evaluation points a guardian gets and the
top 50 guardians are included in honor rank. In case two -or more-
guardians have equal points, the rank will be based on earlier points
they gained.

The honor rank information can be checked from any storage NPC and it is updated every day at 00:00 (SilkRoad standard time).

The 50 guardians that are included in the honor rank, gain honor buffs
according to their ranking. Two or more different types of honor buffs
can be active at the same time.

Academy Honor_buff_kingHonor Buff (King)Chance of obtaining berserk gage 20% increase1-5
Academy Honor_buff_goldHonor Buff (Gold)Physical & magical damage 5% absorption
Physical & magical damage 5% increase
Academy Honor_buff_silverHonor Buff (Silver)Moving speed 20% increase1-30
Academy Honor_buff_bronzeHonor Buff (Bronze)Attack rating 10% increase1-50

Honor items

Academy Honor_items

Honor items are SOS, SOM and SOSUN weapons that can be bought/used only
by guardians and they can not be destroyed, dropped, traded or sold in

Unlike the normal SOx items, you don't get them as a drop, but you have
to buy them from storage NPCs, paying with both gold and honor points.

Honor points100015002500
Honor items have an "Available Number of Repair" magic option on them.
When the honor item is bought this number is 5 and it is decreased
every time the item is repaired. When this number reaches 0, the item
can not be repaired any more.

Academy Honor_sos_info

Academy Honor_alchemy_stone
You can raise the available number of repair by 1 by using a Honor
alchemy stone. Honor alchemy stones can be bought by storage NPCs and
cost 30,000 gold and 10 honor points.

Leaving an academy
Either a player is an apprentice or a guardian assistant, he can only
leave the academy only if 24 hours have passed since he joined.

For leaving the academy, the only thing a player has to do, is to press
the "Leave" button that is next to his name in the academy window.

The penalties a player gets by leaving the academy are:

  • For guardian assistants: 72 hours (3 days) time penalty and loss of 10 honor points.
  • For apprentices: 24 hours time penalty.

As long as the time penalty lasts, the player is not allowed to rejoin either the same or any other academy.

Banishing members
Only the guardian can banish members from the academy and this can be
happened only if 24 hours have passed since this member joined the

To banish a member, a guardian has only to use the button that refers to this member in the academy window.

After banishing an apprentice, the guardian gets a 24 hour penalty and
as long as the time penalty lasts no registeration of new apprentices
can be happened. Due to this fact, a guardian is not allowed to banish
apprentices if the academy is curretly recruiting apprentices through
the guardian matching window.

Time penalty for registration of new apprentices is only occured when
the banished member was an apprentice; if the banished member was a
guardian assistant, registerations of apprentices are normally allowed.

Disbanding an academy

Only the guardian can disband the academy and he can do this only if 7 days have passed since the academy was created.

By disbanding his academy, the guardian gets a 7 days penalty and until
the 7 days are passed he can't create a new academy. The rest players
that belonged to the disbanded academy get no time penalty and they can
instantly request to join a new one.

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Dont mess with me im Main Admin!
Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

Number of posts : 6306
Age : 46
Location : Greece
Job/hobbies : Computing
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