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<<< WTS LVL 111 Blader~Centaurius ISRO >>>

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Done <<< WTS LVL 111 Blader~Centaurius ISRO >>>

Post by aznboy4x on Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:21 pm

Wassup guys, Today i have a lvl 111 87% Blader on Centaurius. I decided
to put this character on sell because i decided to play on my main
account. So here we go....

-Lvl: 111 Blader
*12d legend blade +4
*13d rare shield +5
*2 sets of Avatars
*Skill & Stat reset scroll
*Devil Spirits= 1page of storage
*12d+13d Awaken & Enhancer stone
*Pick Pet
*4 week Gold Time Ticket
*4 full page of storage
Bonus: 12d shield +7 :12d sword legend +3 :4 bil gold

Pm me for pictures since im new member and can not post links. Mad


Pm me for my skype for the same reason as aboved. Very Happy

All transaction will done through paypal + middleman or you go first!
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