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Post by GRAnemoS on Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:10 am

Here we have some Questions and answers about some problems.

Q. I try to login and apears like to be online already
A. You use same CID as like another account, pls use our tutorial to change your CID,

Q. I see mobs and many things like a boxes or ????
A. U didnt change your media file, pls download media file and replace it in you cSRO folder with old one

Q. What are Divisions?
A. Divisions are areas in China, Div01 is west china and Div02 is east China, Divisions have not the same servers.

Q. What is that green or red book like a buff?
A. When u have put in your account wrong CID or you are under 18 years old and you put your real birthday on CID generator, u cant play 24/7 this game, 3 hours Normal XP the book and your XP color are green, after these 3 hours for 2 hours you get half XP and your book and XP color are red, after these 2 hours you cant get any XP. Solution: Use our tutorial to change your CID in your account, keep your birthday in CID generator 1980/1/1

Q. Why my Client dont update or why START button dont apears?
A. You have to double click one of these 2 Divisions first

Q. Can i have iSRO and cSRO both in my pc?
A. Yes u can, before install cSRO pls rename your silkroad (iSRO) folder to something else, installer dont see that u have installed silkroad if the folder dont have this name.

Q. When i try to login in server apears C7
A. You use same CID with someone else, pls change CID in your account using our tutorial about it,

Q. What ms on Divisions are?
A. These ms are the time to comunicate client with server in ms, to play in one server without lag mast have max ms 490.

Q. I have lag in game
A. Check your ms on Divisions

Q. How i can make to have not so much ms?
A. Try to change your IP by restart some times your Modem/Router (Leave it about 3 min out from electric power each time)

If someone have more questions or answers pls feel free to add it here

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Dont mess with me im Main Admin!

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