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Addictive Browser Game

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Addictive Browser Game

Post by Palazar on Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:47 am

Hello, I don't play Silkroad now (not in the mood for it and I have a weird graphic problems and so I have to reinstall my OS first), but I sure will be back someday. It's too addictive to leave it forever. Smile

I came to tell about this addictive browser game that takes 10min a day, unless you become a bussinesman, politician or writer. Yes, I come here with my referal link, but I will post the referal links of presidents and famous players of other countries , in case you want to aid your eCountry.

So in this game you are a citizen of a virtual country (eBulgaria, eGreece, eChina, eUSA and so on). You work to get money, train to become a stronger soldier, fight(not advisable in the firsts days) vote, read press and comment. You can manage companies (when you make/buy one), write articles (when you buy a newspaper), candidate for congressman/president.

This is how a my profile looks like:

How a working screen looks like:

And this one is for training:

The monetary market:

Here you can excange currencies (which you get from working) for gold (which you can spend on a lot of stuff) and vice versa. You can also make a lot of money here, but it's hard.

The marketplace:

Here you buy goods, but in the begining you will only need food.

This is how a regular battle looks like:

Battles consist of maximum 15 mini battles that lasts for 2h each. When a mini battle ends, the country with 50,01% or more influence wins. I have to "kill" this guy in order to make influence. But he doesn't really lose health when I attack him, so don't worry about someone killing you. Smile Acctually only the attacker loses real health, but only he and only when he attacks. But don't get impressed by the shiny buttons, fighting is really simple.

Then there's the congress and the presidents and his cabinet. Each person that goes in the congress has to be elected, same for the president. But president cabinet (the ministers) are rather formal. The president chooses them and he can change them anytime. The Politics module in erepublik is simple, if you want something more complex try vnations.

Here are some pictures of the world map:

Balcan peninsula is on fire:

eBulgaria and eGreece both part of the Eden bloc conquer eTurkey and Republic of eMacedonia(FYROM) both part of the former Phoenix bloc. eTurkey has now joined PANAM alliance (eUSA and eCanada are in it) and Fyrom will probably join the NWO bloc.

Europe torn by war:

Much to talk about here, but I won't go into details. You can see that some countries that are strong in real life, have been partially or fully conquered here. Well, war is on everyday Smile

No peace in Asia too:

The only eCountries that matter here are eChina and eIndonesia.

The game is very easy to play, but is confusing in the begining. So each country has mentors. They are old players that help new player learn to play. Expect one of those to contact you in your first days.

What do I win, if you register as my referal:
I get 10% bonus in working and training (up to 20%)
I get 10% gold bonus when you earn an achievement (you don't lose anything)
For each 10 people that reach a certain lvl I get a medal (achievement)
I get to complete this mission:

You don't loose anything at all if you register through a referal link.

So here are the referal links: - mine for erepublik - mine in vnations - strongest greek player - greek president - serbian president - USA president - strongest USA player - polish president - russian president - indonesian president - romanian president - chinese president - turkish president - canadian president - german president - norwegian president - netherlandian president - hungarian president - swedish president (he shows up when I click on Denmark, looks like they have been fully conquered) - belgian president

Btw, do NOT register more than one account. It is forbiden and they will catch you.
If you don't know what to do in the game and a mentor hasn't contacted you, you can learn some stuff from the wiki - erepublik wiki

Similar games:
Vnations - very much like erepublik, but with bad Graphics (they are still in beta) and it's more complex.
Frisbie (or something like that) don't know much about it, except they mention in often in the vnations forum.
Jahan - again, just heard of it

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